The Convenience of DEF on a Trucking Lot

Diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF, is as important to operating a trucking lot as diesel fuel and engine oil. Whether the lot consists of a dozen delivery trucks and vans or a fleet of two-hundred tractor trailer trucks, owners and managers can save time and money with a supply of high-quality fluid on the lot. A full tank of pure exhaust fluid will last for seven-thousand miles, depending on the speed and road and conditions. A driver can travel across country and back without worrying about adding exhaust fluid.

Proper Storage

Fluid is odor and colorless, easy to clean off any surface, and cost-effective. It is also corrosive to metals. When fluid comes in contact with anything metal some particles will fall into the fluid and compromising the purity. In turn, this situation effects the efficiency of the exhaust system and can raise the emissions released from the vehicle. It will also diminish fuel efficiency. In addition to higher operating costs, added costs may apply if fines are charged for non-compliance with emissions regulations.

There are special containers and pumps that are designed with zero metal available for proper storage. Inside storage is best because the fluid freezes at ten degrees Fahrenheit. Portable carts are offered to quickly transport fluid from a garage or back storage room to vehicles. Insulated cabinets, special wraps to fit tanks, and underground tanks are utilized to keep the fluid above that temperature when outside storage is the only option. Contact an experienced company for storage recommendations that will suit the unique needs of your business.


A company with a nationwide delivery network has the capacity to deliver fluid when needed. Smaller businesses can call to order just in time deliveries while large ones can schedule deliveries at regular intervals. There are so many tasks and duties involved in managing a trucking lot that making any of them easier will allow operations to run smoother. Look into the pricing and services offered to determine if this convenience will save the business money. Get a few quotes and compare them to the total costs of keeping all the engines filled with exhaust fluid during the past quarter.